Video Watch

Reports that a user watched a video on a media site or application.

This event can report that the user watched a video in part or in full. You can distinguish between auto-play videos and those that user explicitly clicked to watch.


  • name: Human-readable name, not used to identify an event type
  • properties: A container for the event properties as specified in the following table:
dyTypeMust be "video-watch-v1"String
itemIdID that matches an item ID in the content feed.String
autoplayIndicates whether the video played automatically (true) or due to user action (false (default)).Boolean
(Default: False)
progressPossible values:

VIDEO_STARTED (default): The video started playing. It doesn't indicate whether it was then watched till the end or up to any specific marker.

PREROLL_FINISHED: the pre-roll was watched in full.

VIDEO_FINISHED: The content was watched in full (whether or not a pre-roll was included)

VIDEO_PROGRESS: If the client can periodically report fine-grained progress in percentages within the video, use this value together with the progressPercent property.
Use only with the progress value of VIDEO_PROGRESS
Indicates how much of a video was watched as a percentage.Number

Example: Implementation via script

DY.API("event", {
  name: "Video Watch",
  properties: {
    dyType: "video-watch-v1",
    itemId: "...", // Mandatory string ID - must match an id present in the Content Feed
    categories: ["Sports", "Baseball"], // Optional, independent of whether an ID was given
    autoplay: true,
    progress: "VIDEO_PROGRESS",
    progressPercent: 65 // Meaning: 65% of video length has passed.

Example: Implementation via Experience API (server-side)

  "name": "Video Pre-roll Ended",
  "properties": {
    "dyType": "video-watch-v1",
    "autoplay": true,
    "progress": "PREROLL_FINISHED"
} ]


Go to the API reference for the Events endpoint to learn more.