Sync Your Product Feed via File

A product feed is a file that contains your product catalog (all your products, with product metadata). It powers affinity-based personalization, product recommendations, social proof messaging, and more.

You can create product feeds by syncing data feed files as specified in this article or you can create and sync your product feed using APIs.

Syncing your product catalog with Experience OS via data file includes the following steps

  1. Create the file with all the required product metadata (for example, price or SKU).
  2. Sync the file with Experience OS by referring to a URL, uploading it to a secured S3 bucket directly, or uploading it to S3 via SFTP. To sync the feed using APIs, see Creating and Syncing a Product Feed using APIs.
  3. Parse the source file, if needed, by writing JavaScript code that manipulates the source file to adjust it to the format required by Experience OS (such as changing attribute names).
  4. Preview and save: Check whether the feed meets all Experience OS requirements. Then, you can save and publish.


Size limit:

If your feed includes more than 20,000 items, contact your Technical Account Manager to do the sync process (steps 2-4). The total feed size is limited to 5 million items.