Currency Support in Events

If your visitors can make purchases using more than one currency, add a currency property to your events (purchase, add to cart, or any event with monetary value). Dynamic Yield converts the amount to the currency that is used in your Dynamic Yield reports.

For example:

DY.API("event", {  
  name: "Purchase",  
  properties: {  
    uniqueTransactionId: "123456",  
    dyType: "purchase-v1",  
    value: 90.55,  
    currency: "EUR",  
    cart: [{  
        productId: "item-34454",  
        quantity: 1,  
        itemPrice: 65.87  

See the list of supported currencies.


Currency conversion:

The exchange rate uses the external service currencylayer and updates once every day at 4 am (UTC). If you require a real-time conversion, you must do the conversion on your end, and fire events using the site's default currency.