Change Attribute

Reports that a user changed an attribute of the displayed product (such as color or size).


This event is currently available for script implementation only.


  • name: Human-readable name, not used to identify an event type
  • properties: A container for the event properties as specified in the following table:
dyTypeMust be "change-attr-v1"String
Color, size, fit, brand, author, keyword, category, or any other attribute you allow.String
attributeValueThe new value (for example, new color is Gray)String



The attribute type and value must match information in your product feed. The currently displayed product is inferred from the in-page context.

Example: Implementation via script

DY.API("event", {
  name: "Change Attribute",
  properties: {
    dyType: "change-attr-v1",
    attributeType: "Color",
    attributeValue: "Navy Blue"


Go to the API reference for the Events endpoint to learn more.