Sync Opted-in Users for Reconnect and Audiences Anywhere

Each Dynamic Yield site can support one Opted-in Email Addresses feed. 

To create the feed:

  1. Go to Assets › Data Feeds and click New
  2. Select Opted-in Email Addresses feed. 
  3. Click Get Credentials and write down the S3 bucket details and credentials. You can generate new credentials twice only. If you need to generate additional credentials, open a support ticket.  
  4. Prepare your CSV file according to the following format:
    • File type: CSV
    • Encoding: UTF8 encoding
    • Filename: data.csv.
    • First row: "email"
    • Remaining rows: plain text email addresses, one per row (up to 10 million rows).
    • Example:



Make sure the email addresses are valid. If 30% or more of the addresses are invalid, the feed won't sync.

  1. Upload the CSV file to the following folder in the S3 bucket with the appropriate date information: 
    For example: upload_2020-03-19_14-00
  2. Whenever a new file is uploaded, synchronization to Dynamic Yield is initiated within a few minutes.