Experience API Alerts

Alerts provide visibility into the health of your API implementation, to expedite the resolution of the underlying issues.

  1. API errors and warnings that occur frequently are displayed as an alert on the Experience OS dashboard.
Admin Dashboard Alert
  1. Click View Issue Summary to open a popup that provides information about the issue, including type, cause, and frequency. Or, click View Logs to go directly to the API Logs screen.
  2. Here, you can view the error logs, or copy them to your clipboard to share with team members.
Modal Popup



  • API alert counts are likely to be significantly higher than the API error log counts. This is because a single API error log can present multiple issues, thus triggering multiple alerts.
  • For an alert to be displayed on the Experience OS dashboard, it must occur over 50 times. This is to ensure only significant and meaningful errors trigger an alert.
  • Error logs are saved for 7 days. If you attempt to view error logs older than 7 days, the API logs screen will not display any results.