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Logan McBride, Customer Success Engineer


The Shift to Personalization APIs

Discover the core capabilities of Dynamic Yield, the various options for integrating us in your product, and the transformation behind our new offering for developers.

A new way to work workflow

A New Way to Work

Dive into the details by following our recommended development workflow, and gain the confidence you need to build with Dynamic Yield.

Best practices

Best Practices

Review some important considerations and recommendations before getting started to ensure your usage of Dynamic Yield is secure, robust, and performant.

pethsop tutorial

Petshop: The Tutorial

Follow this basic step-by-step tutorial to learn all about the technical and functional concepts associated with implementing Dynamic Yield.

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Get help

Dynamic Yield customers can get professional support through the Knowledge Base, Community, or by opening a support ticket through Intercom in our Admin UI. Urgent tickets are handled 24/7, and there’s always a human to talk to.

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If you're not yet a customer and are interested in getting early access to our Developers Platform, get in touch with us here.