Upload a Product Feed via SFTP

One of your options for syncing your product feed with Experience OS is to upload your feed file using an Amazon S3 bucket, secured by SFTP protocol. To use this option, you'll need to use an FTP application. In this procedure, we use FileZilla as an example, but the process should be similar in any equivalent application.

Step 1: Generate SSH keys

The SSH key pair includes 2 files, one containing a public key and the other a private key. Dynamic Yield works with RSA encryption for SFTP.

To generate the keys:

  1. Open Terminal, and enter: ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. Name your key pair. You can leave the passphrase blank.

The key files are now available in the location specified in the previous step. The file with the .pub suffix is the public key.

Step 2: Generate credentials in Experience OS

If this is your first time setting up the feed upload, get your credentials as described here. If you already have credentials, skip to Step 3.

  1. Go to Assets › Data Feeds › New Feed › Product Feed.
  2. Select Sync a file via Amazon S3 using SFTP, and then paste your public key into the Public SSH Key field.

Important: Don't include anything after the = at the end of the key (the last character should be a space).

  1. Click Register Your Key. Your credentials are displayed. Copy them and save them in a secure location.
  1. Click Save & Activate.

Step 3: Set up the sync

  1. Open your FTP app (shown: FileZilla) and click Site Manager.
  1. Enter information in the Host (endpoint) and User fields that you previously generated in Experience OS (Step 2), and the private key that you generated in Step 1.
  1. Click Connect. You now have access to the S3 bucket.
  1. Place your feed file in this folder.