Script Implementation Overview

Configure the following items to get started working with our script:

  • Add Dynamic Yield scripts inside the tag on every page of your website. It tracks user activity and renders all of the Dynamic Yield campaigns your business users create. Learn more.
  • Add a Page Context snippet inside the tag of your website. This sends information to Dynamic Yield about the page type (homepage, product page, and so on), and includes other page-specific information (product SKU, category, and so on). It enables targeting based on page type, serving related recommendations (for example, products that are similar to a currently viewed item), and more. Learn more.
  • Implement events to track meaningful user interactions (such as purchase, login, add to cart). These are used later for behavioral targeting, reporting, and more. Learn more.
  • Sync your product feed with Dynamic Yield. This is a file containing your entire product catalog information (image, URL, price). It's used for product recommendations, targeting, and more. It can be synced via API or upload.
  • For single-page applications: Dynamic Yield offers a dedicated solution for single-page applications (SPA). With this solution, the implementation for SPA is identical to non-SPA, and the solution is seamless to the framework. Learn more.
  • Modify the DYID cookie to ensure Safari user data is saved. To prevent Safari from automatically deleting each user's data every seven days, configure your application server to duplicate the DYID cookie. Learn more.