Using the Assumed Consent Method of Privacy Management

Standard method

Use these API calls when reporting user consent to Dynamic Yield directly from your site.

JavaScript (Web)


Objective-C (iOS)

\[[DYApi getInstance] consentOptout];  
\[[DYApi getInstance] consentOptin];

Swift (iOS)


Java (Android)

  • Opting out prevents future data collection from the current device/browser from all sections of the account, across all domains. This method overrides any past opt-in methods.
  • If the user has opted out in the past, opting in allows data collection from the time of the new consent and onward.

Consent management tool method

This method involves configuring a set of API calls as well as configuring a variable on the site instructing Dynamic Yield to wait for the management system to solicit user data collection preference before collecting and storing user data.

JavaScript (API)

DY.API('consent_status_update', { status: true }); 
DY.API('consent_status_update', { status: false });

Variable configuration

To tell Dynamic Yield to wait for the advanced API methods, configure the variable DY.consentIntegrationActive to "true" before the Dynamic Yield scripts are loaded.

DY.consentIntegrationActive = true;

Verify that data isn't being collected

If a user wants to verify that Dynamic Yield isn't collecting data, they can look for the strings and in their network calls. These strings don't exist if data isn't being collected.