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Unified Customer Profile

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Documentation for this feature is currently available in our Knowledge Base, which requires a login with a Dynamic Yield customer account. If you have an account, learn about this feature here.

Dynamic Yield collects and derives many user attributes from multiple channels. Using the Unified Customer Profile API, you can retrieve data Dynamic Yield has on a particular user, aggregated across all sites and apps in your account. You can use this rich data to create custom experiences, or externally to enhance user-centric third-party platforms such as Kiosks and Point-of-Sale systems (POS), Contact Centers, and more.

The collected attributes include:

  • Known IDs and user attributes
  • Transactional data (e.g. days since last purchase/visit, AOV, observed LTV)
  • Session attributes (e.g. list of used devices and browsers, locations, traffic sources)
  • Product engagement (e.g. recently viewed/purchased products, products in the cart)

Unified Customer Profile

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