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Tutorial: The Petshop

Welcome to the Petshop - the first in a series of step-by-step tutorials to using our API as a developer.

The Petshop is a simple mock e-commerce website centered around cool stuff for pets: clothes, toys, carrying bags and more. While being focused on e-commerce needs, most of what you'll learn here applies to any other industry vertical.

Through this tutorial, you will learn the basics of:

  • Integrating Dynamic Yield via code
  • Collaborating with business stakeholders via the Admin UI
  • Designing the setup for a new test.

Why a petshop?

  • You can easily come up with new ideas for personalization for either new or returning customers, e.g. if I identify a Cat Person, could I change the whole wording throughout the site to make it just a bit snarky? :wink+:
  • There's a great stash of freely usable high-quality images available for this topic on Unsplash.
  • It's been empirically proven to be darn cute.

Achievements to unlock

  1. Setting up a Site in Dynamic Yield for API-based personalization.
  2. Replacing a static Hero Banner. A Hero Banner is that large banner at the top of many homepages, showing a cool image and some smart copy. You will transform a static banner to an A/B test powered by Dynamic Yield, and controllable by your business user through our Admin Web UI.
  3. Progressing from an A/B test to targeted experiences using events, audiences and bring-you-own custom attributes.
  4. Adding a recommendations widget.
  5. Optionally, there are some bonus tasks awaiting you at the end of this tutorial.

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Tutorial: The Petshop

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