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Updating the Feed via API


Contact your Customer Success Manager

This feature is being gradually released to customers. Talk to us if you are interested!

The on-demand API set allows you to synchronize your product data with Dynamic Yield by pushing individual changes to the feed (add, delete, and edit values) as they occur, using a set of endpoints:

  • Upsert - Update or insert a single new item
  • Delete - Delete a single item
  • Partial update - Partially update only selected attributes of an existing item in your feed
  • Bulk update - Recommended: perform multiple API actions in a single call. Update/insert/delete one or more items in your feed
  • Get Transaction Status - Get an up-to-date status of the calls you've made.

For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Updated 3 years ago

Updating the Feed via API

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